Boa Snowboard Boots

Boa snowboard boots are the pinnacle of performance fit and micro-adjustable lacing systems available to snowboarders. Helping riders dial in the most secure, easy, and fast on-the-fly adjustments so they can spend more time hitting the slopes and less time trying to get that perfect amount of support. A number of pro riders take advantage of the Boa's glove-like fit, including the likes of Brandon Reis, Megan Ginter, and Skylar Thornton, just to name a few. Pick up your snowboard boots at Zumiez, and you can choose from some of the top brands that utilize the revolutionary technology that the Boa lacing system provides. With top name brands like Vans, DC, thirty two, and Ride, you will be able to get the comfortable fit and style that you are after. Models like the Vans Encore, DC Scout, Ride Anthem, and the Thirty Two STW will provide you a powerful closure and durable lightweight construction so you can be confident that your boots will outlast even the longest of snow seasons. When throwing on snowboard boots this year, let the Boa lacing system help you spend less time lacing and more time riding in style and comfort.