Obey Women's T-Shirts

From the mind of artist and activist Shepard Fairy comes Obey. Once an underground graffiti artist, Shepard Fairy created the urban-inspired Obey brand for both men and women. Obey is known for tactfully combining street graffiti, activism, skateboarding, pop culture, and fashion.

Most recognized for its one-of-a-kind art, Obey is always producing high-quality and unique graphic prints and graffiti stencil designs. Obey is notorious for incorporating these graphic prints onto classic clothing items, giving them a modern, edgy twist.

Obey tees take street smarts to the next level. With largely symbolic graphics, Obey tees are almost instantly recognizable in their unique combinations of imagery, with symbols of war, peace, and urban lifestyle. Obey tees are a force to be reckoned with, seen on men's and women's everywhere, across the US and further.

Zumiez proudly carries a large selection of women's Obey t-shirts.