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Naketano was founded by Jozo Lonac and Sascha Peljhan, two designers that knew what the people wanted! They have strived for a "no silk, no wool, no leather, no downs, no fur" kind of product. Meaning, this brand is animal friendly, something anyone could get behind!

Naketano has designated its business approach with the statement "the favourite piece concept". Naketano's simple idea has created a brand that will stand the test of time and be a staple in closets worldwide. With Naketano's oversized hoodie design, extended/twisted neck and the familiar metal owl patch on the arm for women and a metal anchor on the men's arms; Naketano has allowed themselves to be noticed anywhere, every time these products are worn.

Zumiez now provides not only women's Naketano hoodies but we now sell their jackets, crew neck sweatshirts and even Naketano sweatpants! Men can even get in on this awesomeness with a selection of Naketano hoodies; a product level that is increasing all the time.

With the many styles offered through and the brick and mortar locations, ranging from the Naketano Darth to the Naketano Darth VII, from the Naketano Brazzo to the Naketano Ankerbraut, from the shorter style to the ultra long style and the many different styles of men's products; always know that each piece was sewn and finished by hand.

With the slogan "Brave New World" you can be apart of something bigger than yourself. Take on a new adventure or create your own while sporting this Naketano brand. Find your new "favourite piece" and fall in love with your great decision to support such a simple yet genius brand. Long live Naketano.