Jac Vanek

Hi, my name is Jac Vanek, and I wear my sass on my sleeve.

I created JV by Jac Vanek to give girls a strong voice to tackle life head on without anything holding them back. I believe in finding humor in everything because life is way too short to take yourself too seriously. JV is for the bad asses, for the smart asses, for those who aren't afraid to say what they feel and truly follow their heart, wherever that may lead them.

It all started when my parents got worn out by my constant begging and finally allowed me to go to my first concert alone. I was fifteen years old and I was dying to see the three bands that were playing together at a local mall: Sugarcult, Finch, and Something Corporate (imagine that!). As corny as it sounds, that show was to be the foundation of what my life has become today. After falling in love with the whole scene at that first concert, I abandoned everything that had consumed my life currently (popularity, cheerleading, platform shoes, wearing pink, and living in the Orange County bubble) and immersed myself in a world fueled solely by the love of music. I knew, from that very moment, that this world was where my heart longed to be.