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Ethika Underwear

After international adventures together through Ireland, Africa, and back to the USA, the wolf pack known as Ethika was brought into the world. In 2001, Ethika underwear became the "With You Everwhere" brand, creating the most essential garment known to man with three simple requirements- form, fit, and function. Their YFL (Young For Life) mentality and lifestyle formula of (Skate + Moto + BMX + Snow) X (Music + Art) has brought over 50 action sports athletes together over the past ten years to develop one style of underwear that gives optimal performance and looks good with or without pants- The Staple.

Skaters Terry Kennedy, Greg Lutzka, Stevie Williams, Ryan Sheckler, Chaz Ortiz, and Paul Rodrigez are all part of Ethika's performance underwear family. Snowboarders Louie Vito, JJ thomas, Eddie Wall, Stevie Bell, and Zak Hale to name a few are also proud wearers of the stylish and action ready underpants.

Zumiez now carries Ethika's prized creation, The Staple. In 2-pack sets with a variety of colors, The Staple boxer briefs are the next pair of boxers you'll wear on the daily.