Pintail Longboards

One of the most classic and popular style of longboards is the Pintail Longboard. Pintail Longboards use a classic surf-inspired shape that has since been popularized on cruisers and carvers. They are designed with a wide center base that tapers to the nose and tail creating a pointed shape. Most commonly Pintail Longboards are directional boards with a more flat platform and a slightly slimmer tail that accommodates larger wheels. This extra room and milled wheel wells allow you to turn and carve much deeper and tighter without wheelbite. Pintail Longboards are best for beginners because of their stability and easier turn initiation and typically benefit riders who enjoy cruising and carving. Zumiez carries a wide variety of Pintail Longboards made in multiple styles and materials like the molded plastic design of the Penny Glow 36" Pintail Longboard Complete or the more classic look of the Z-Flex 38" Pintail Longboard Complete. Check out the full selection of Pintail Longboards at Zumiez today!